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About us
A leading management consulting group

Sydani Consulting (a member of the Sydani Group of companies) is a leading management consulting firm with its headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria.

The Sydani vision is to set new standards of excellence in creating solutions to complex challenges in international development.

Emboldened by our impact in the health and social space and well-equipped to fully deliver the same across other spaces that impact international development, Sydani has expanded its focus into the education, human capital development, agriculture, and energy sectors, with a focus on climate change.

We provide thought partnership and strategic consulting services to a wide range of clients, including national and sub-national governments in Nigeria, public and private sector institutions across the globe, development partners, and multilateral and bilateral donors, to deliver on their organizational objectives and mandates.

We focus on people’s outcomes, which could be social and economic well-being, investment gains and returns, safety and security, or profitability and personal well-being, by providing professional and technical support that results in long-term solutions for today and resilience for the unexpected tomorrow. As one of the few indigenous Nigerian companies with international recognition, we compete successfully in Nigeria and abroad with leading global brands. Through our transformational leadership approach and bold strategies, we help organizations become more innovative and achieve long-term productivity while building a workforce that will thrive continually.

Why Choose Us?

Our Unique Advantages

Grounded understanding of the development space and the complexities of the local context
Open access to, and strong networks with high-level government stakeholders
Agile Systems
Dynamic Leadership
Exceptional high-performing team of professionals

Our Approach To Work:

Client-centeredness: Our clients come first
Innovation: We apply fresh perspectives and critical thinking
Synergy: Collaboration with each other and with clients
Systems thinking: We think sustainability and accountability.
Diversity and inclusiveness: We promote gender diversity and inclusiveness in all our collaborations and partnerships
Our Goals

Objectives, Mission statement, etc.

Vision Mission Core Values

Our vision is to set new standards of excellence in creating solutions to complex challenges in international development.

Our mission is to help our clients develop strategies, partnerships, technologies, and talents that strengthen their performance and deliver sustainable advancements to health and social development.

  1. INNOVATION: We push the boundaries of the status quo; constantly evolving and using new ideas and advanced proven methods to deliver value to our clients.
  1. IMPACT: We do not just deliver reports, we work with our clients to translate insights into actions, with clear outcomes.
  1. QUALITY: We pride ourselves in delivering excellence in our work
  1. INTEGRITY: We uphold the highest standards of professionalism, confidentiality, and objectivity, without compromise.
  1. SUSTAINABILITY: We think long term; sustaining our relationships with each client, while also delivering solutions with lasting impact.
  1. EXCELLENCE: Our commitment to professional excellence ensures that our clients receive the highest quality of service.
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