Strengthening the Niger State PHC Management Capacity- A Peer Learning Exchange Program

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Strengthening the Niger State PHC Management Capacity- A Peer Learning Exchange Program

The Sydani team has been providing technical support to the Niger State Primary Health Care Development Agency (NSPHCDA) across 128 health facilities in 12 LGAs. The goal is to strengthen the PHC system and build the capacity of PHC managers across seven (7) thematic areas (Data Management, Financial Management, Quality Management, Supply Chain Management, Facility Management, Planning & Community Relations, Human Resources for Health Management), meant to improve primary health care in the state.

To further foster performance improvement, a Peer Learning Exchange program was organized on March 23rd and 24th, 2023. The program aimed to stimulate the transfer of knowledge, skills, and experiences, inspire performance improvement, and increase awareness of the possibility of an improved PHC system among PHC Officers In Charger (OICs) in Niger state.

The program included a panel session, which aimed to inspire performance improvement in low-performing facilities, demonstrate the feasibility of an improved primary health care system, and address questions and concerns across seven thematic areas of the intervention. At the end of the session, each PHC facility identified relevant insights that would aid the development of action plans, to be implemented within seven days, with measurable impact.

Additionally, the approach for implementing a capstone project, one of the three on-the-job coaching techniques for the intervention, were outlined and discussed with the OICs. The capstone project aims to create a collaborative platform to identify and solve peculiar problems across various thematic areas within the PHC. It also provides opportunities for trained PHC managers to consolidate the skills they have built during the capacity building and mentorship sessions.

We are humbled to see the NSPHCDA delivering on its objective to improve its healthcare system and provide quality service to its population. As the intervention gradually winds up, we remain dedicated to consistently delivering outstanding value, as we have from the very start.


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