Integration Atlas

Integration Atlas

One of the ongoing issues facing low- and middle-income countries’ (LMICs’) health systems is the verticalization of health programs and the fragmented methods used for front-line service delivery. The need for integrative services and initiatives has increased as nations rebuild their health systems to be more robust in the wake of the pandemic.

Momentum Country and Global Leadership (MCGL) provided funding to Sydani Group to develop an application called the Integration Atlas, which will use targeted and flexible recommendations to integrate services at the primary health care level.

In order to design this, a landscape analysis and systematic review of health integration in LMICs using three countries as case studies (Nepal, Madagascar, and Nigeria) were first conducted to understand the scope, advantages, and risks of integration, and to serve as the basis for the design of the implementation guidelines or strategies.

The initiative would then provide fresh perspectives, fill information gaps regarding the degree of integration in LMICs, and enhance program managers’ capacity to develop evidence-based plans for the integration of primary care services.

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