FMoH Budget Process Support Project

FMoH Budget Process Support Project

In collaboration with Results for Development (R4D) and with financial support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), Sydani Group has been assisting the Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH) in reforming its budgeting procedure in order to achieve strategic financial planning and show value for money in the health sector. 

The Departments of Health, Planning, Research and Statistics (DHPRS) and Departments of Finance and Accounts (DFA), which were established and operationalized with the help of the Sydani team, are responsible for strategic planning and budgeting for the health sector. This committee was established to facilitate collaboration between these departments.

The P&B committee’s ability to direct and oversee the FMoH budget process has been strengthened thanks to Sydani’s technical assistance, and the committee has accomplished laudable feats in:

  • Establishing and enhancing Planning Cells (a committee-like structure made up of planning and budget officials) across all FMoH Departments, Agencies, and Parastatals (DAPs) to direct and coordinate the budgeting process in each organization.
  • Establishing routines for the usage of tools for strategic planning, budgeting, and budget performance monitoring and reporting throughout the FMoH DAPs. These tools include the AOP process flow map, budget process map, intermediate outcome budget performance monitoring framework, and data collecting tools.
  • Monitoring the performance of the health sector in comparison to the areas of intermediate results and outcomes set forth in the National Strategic Health Development Plan (NSHDP) II and the Health sector next level agenda (one of the nine priority agendas of FGoN).
  • Demonstrating the value for money in the health sector by fostering a culture of peer-to-peer learning on best practices in public financial management.


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