Cold Chain Equipment Optimization Platform (CCEOP)

Cold Chain Equipment Optimization Platform (CCEOP)

The objective of the CCEOP initiative, which is jointly supported by GAVI and the Nigerian government, is to develop the country’s cold chain infrastructure in order to increase equality and immunization coverage.

The goal of the project is to install vaccination coolers in at least one primary healthcare facility in each political ward of the nation.

Sydani provides technical support to the CCEOP Project Management Team domiciled at the NPHCDA across 4 major areas;

  • Planning and coordination: To ensure a fair distribution of the vaccine refrigerators to all 36 states and the FCT, we construct coordinating methods and create deployment plans.
  • Support for implementation: To ensure that the deployment and installation of the vaccination refrigerators across the nation goes without a hitch, we coordinate with pertinent project partners across all 36 states and the FCT and offer routine issue solutions for implementation bottlenecks.
  • Monitoring and evaluation: We carry out routine evaluation using a variety of techniques, such as high-level data analysis, to monitor project implementation in comparison to predetermined indicators.
  • Reporting: For feedback from stakeholders at the national and subnational levels, we regularly produce project updates using the pertinent information that we have gathered.

With ongoing CCE deployment and installation split into two tranches—tranche 1 and tranche 2—the implementation is still primarily in Phase 1.

A total of 6,899 solar and electric vaccination refrigerators—2,963 in tranche 1 and 3,936 in tranche 2—have been built in all 36 states and the FCT thanks to Sydani’s support, with installations for tranche 3 set to begin in July 2022.


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