USAID-IHP COVID-19 Vaccination

Bauchi, Ebonyi, FCT, Kebbi, Sokoto

USAID-IHP COVID-19 Vaccination Ramp Up

This initiative aims to support the states to achieve increased number of people who have had RI and COVID-19 vaccinations by at least 3,000 children and 25,000 of the eligible population, respectively.


The COVID-19 Vaccination Ramp Up Program is an initiative of the USAID-IHP through Sydani to give priority to Five (5) states (Bauchi, Ebonyi, FCT, Kebbi, and Sokoto) to get extraordinary broad-based support for COVID-19 vaccine ramp-up in line with the state’s plan using the National Optimal SCALES method.

This is accomplished by focusing on three key goals:

  • Increasing access to COVID-19 and RI vaccination for eligible populations through Mass Vaccination Campaigns and mobile bus outreaches
  • Adapting innovative and context-specific demand generation approaches to improve demand for Covid-19 and RI vaccines
    Strengthening the PHC system for coordination and data management to sustain the gains made through this support

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