Adverse Effect Following Immunization (AEFI)

Adverse Effect Following Immunization (AEFI)

In order to monitor the safety of vaccinations in the general population, AEFI surveillance is essential to immunization programs, including the COVID-19 vaccination.

Monitoring AEFI is essential for verifying compliance with established vaccination procedures, but it also helps human resources undertaking vaccination operations feel more confident and improves public acceptance of the immunization program.

However, the rapid diagnostic evaluation carried out by the Sydani team revealed that the current AEFI surveillance system is plagued with several challenges, including, but not limited to, weak coordination structure, poor notification and reporting system, lack of capacity of health workers to detect, reporting and managing AEFIs, and poor public awareness of AEFIs.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has engaged the Sydani team to assist the NPHCDA and NAFDAC in tackling these issues and improving the AEFI surveillance system in Nigeria.

The objective is to create a strong AEFI surveillance system that guarantees quick classification and feedback while enhancing confidence in the immunization program.

As technical partners, we assist the government in achieving this aim via a four-pronged strategy that includes:

  • Enhancing the coordination of the AEFI reporting system
  • Building human resource capability for AEFI detection, reporting, and management at all levels
  • Promoting AEFI reporting and increasing sensitivity
  • Supporting the implementation of electronic AEFI data management and reporting systems (DHIS-2 AEFI Module and Medsafety)

The Sydani team is working closely with the government, transferring crucial data management skills, routinizing tasks, establishing essential processes, and promoting financial ownership of the help beyond the project’s lifespan because sustainability is at the core of this support.


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