We focus on the toughest and most complex challenges because they:


Pose the biggest barriers to health and social development


Are influenced by an increasingly unpredictable political, social, and economic landscape


Are where the greatest impact can be realised, if they are solved

Our Focus Areas

Our Solutions

Challenges in Demand and Community Engagement

  • Mono-dimensional demand-side thinking

  • Poor returns on demand-side investments

  • Unilateral and vertical community engagement strategies


  • We design and apply evidence-based, multi-dimensional demand-side approaches and technologies to improve health and social outcomes

  • We advance human-centered thinking in designing and deploying community engagement strategies

Challenges in Financing

  • Inadequate financing

  • Non-sustainable financing

  • Poor financial accountability mechanisms

We design and deploy innovative:

  • Supply and demand-side financing strategies

  • Approaches for sustainable financing

We develop local capacity for public financial management and accountability

Operational Research and Data Analytics

  • Unavailable data

  • Poor quality

  • Poor data use for action

  • Dearth of operational research


  • Promote a culture of operational research and use of data for action

  • Strengthen existing systems for data quality management

  • Develop local capacity for operational research and data analytics


  • Poor leadership and governance culture

  • Poor stewardship and transparency

  • Poor performance management culture


  • Promote a culture of stewardship, transparency and accountability in leadership and governance

  • Apply systemic approaches in the design and delivery of impactful strategies

  • Facilitate integration and optimization of resources and outcomes

  • Promote experience sharing and capacity transfer

Our Projects


Basic Health Care Provision Fund (BHCPF)

  • Support to NPHCDA in operationalizing the BHCPF NPHCDA pathway
  • Support to NHIS in operationalizing the BHCPF NHIS pathway

Budget Process

Support to strengthen FMOH budget process for adequate and sustainable financing for the health sector

Financial Modelling

Development of a financial model for transition of Polio Resources from Partners to the Government of Nigeria


Financial management system strengthening

Support to the FMoH, NPHCDA, NCDC in strengthening public financial management systems

Accountability and governance system strengthening

Development of a joint accountability framework for RI and PHC system for the Government of Nigeria

Cold Chain Equipment Optimization Platform (CCEOP)

Support to NPHCDA to strengthen logistics and supply chain systems for Routine Immunization


Support to the FCTPHCB in the development of a PHC HRH policy and strategy

RI systems strengthening

HSS support across 8 Gavi-focus states (Zamfara, Bayelsa, Gombe, Jigawa, Katsina, Kebbi, Niger and Taraba

system strengthening

Demand Generation and Community Engagement

Technology for health

Development and deployment of a Wristband for Immunization Alert (WIA) to improve timeliness of immunization with a pilot in Kano state. WIA is a simple yet innovative technology that won a BMGF Global Grand Challenges award in 2017.

Improving demand-side Investments

Technical partnership with BMGF in refining and advancing a multi-dimensional investment strategy to promote demand for improved PHC outcomes

Social and Behavioural Change Communication


Operational Research

  • Assessed the impact of counterinsurgency on food security and livelihoods in Borno state
  • Research partnership with CHAI to determine the drivers of poor RI and PHC data quality using 4 CHAI-focus states as case study
  • Evaluation of the Impact of the N-Power Health Initiative in improving PHC service delivery and youth employability
  • Support to NPHCDA to determine optimal cost of PHC facility operations

Social Development

Social Investment

Development of a 5-year National Strategy for Social Investment for the office of the vice president

Our Clients


We work with governments at national and sub-national levels to create innovative and transformative changes that engender growth, progress, resilience and sustainability. We apply agile private sector approaches and rigour with a deep understanding of public sector dynamics and nuances to create more efficient state institutions.

Private Sector

We help business leaders, profit and non-profit, to develop models and strategies that link commercial growth to social impact and development, and help businesses to increase their bottom line.

Development Partners/Donors

We work with development partners, donors and funders to balance international funding with national and government priorities. We bring to bear our knowledge of contextual factors in designing solutions and linking donor investments to sustained social and economic development