Our vision is to become the premier partner for our clients in delivering innovative, bold, and impactful solutions to the toughest and complex challenges in health and social development

Our mission is to:

  • Help our clients develop strategies, partnerships, technologies, and talents that strengthen their performance and delivers sustainable advancements to health and social development
  • Build a team of exceptional, high-performing individuals who challenge limitations, push the boundaries, and set new standards of excellence for our sectors

 This two-pronged mission gives us our competitive advantage

our approach

Our Approach

Client-centredness: Our clients take front and center stage in the implementation of our work. We do not employ a one-size-fits-all approach. We individualize our approach to every client, with considerations for their individual contexts, peculiarities and priorities, and partner with them to deliver as per expectations

Innovation: We apply fresh perspectives and creative insights to conventional approaches, constantly evolving and advancing new strategies to challenge limitations and set new standards for excellence.

Synergy: We employ a unique model of collaboration with our team and our clients through all levels of the firm and their organizations, providing thought leadership, sounding ideas, and obtaining commitment to shared goals

Systems thinking: We believe every whole is a composition of inter-related and interdependent parts. We apply systemic approaches to identify and analyse relationships between inter-related structures, entities, strategies, processes and partnerships that are relevant to the achievement of our client’s objectives, and help our client to collaborate with or leverage them for sustained impact

Our Core Values

Innovation: We push the boundaries of the status quo; constantly evolving and using new ideas and advanced proven methods to deliver value to our clients.

Quality: We set new standards of excellence and challenge ourselves to surpass them consistently delivering par excellence.

Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of objectivity and honesty, without compromise.

Impact: We do not just deliver reports, we work with our clients to translate insights into actions, with clear outcomes.

Sustainability: We think long term in our approach, partnerships, and results.

Core Values -Sydani Initiative For International Development Abuja Nigeria

Our Management Team

Sidney Sampson

Sidney Sampson is a consummate management consultant, founder, and Principal/CEO at Sydani Initiative for International Development …

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Dr. Folake Oni

Dr Folake Oni
Engagement Manager

Dr Folake Oni is an Engagement Manager and senior member of the Sydani management team. With over 14 years of experience in health systems strengthening, …

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Sunday Atobatele
Engagement Manager

Sunday Atobatele is an Engagement Manager and senior member of the Sydani management team. A senior management consultant …

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