Sydani Initiative for International Development is a dynamic, fast-growing management consulting firm that specializes in the design and delivery of sustainable high-impact solutions to complex health and social challenges. We work with governments, corporations, investors, NGOs, foundations, communities, and other development partners to formulate strategies and implement solutions that create lasting health and social benefits for the population. With our team of high-performing consultants and a global network of technical advisors, Sydani has earned a solid brand reputation among its clients, competitors, and partners.

We seek suppliers, vendors, and professionals to provide goods and services in various fields. Please note that to join our list of suppliers, vendors, and professionals you need to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Company is legally registered within Nigeria with the corporate affairs commission
  2. Company is not a subsidiary, not associated with a subsidiary company, not owned by an associated individual in technical partnership or employment with Sydani.
  3. Company is not under formal investigation, has not been sanctioned within the last three (3) years for engaging or supporting any illegal, unethical, or fraudulent.

Codes Category Products/Services
SIID/ART/ART/01   Artisanry Artisans specialising in electrical, mechanical, carpentry, plumbing etc. Installation, maintenance, and repairs 
SIID/STA/PRI/01 Branding Services Design and Printing (manuals, banners, posters, vouchers, reports) and visibility materials (stickers, flags, t-shirts)
SIID/CR/CR/01 Car Hire Services Car rental services short term and long term, taxi services and related services
SIID/LOG/CA/02  Catering Services Preparation, creation, delivery and presentation of food, drinks, and pastries
SIID/FIX/CA/02 Computers and Accessories Supply, installation and repairs  of desktop computers, laptop computers, monitors, mouse devices, printers, scanners, photocopiers, web cameras, Memory, Services etc
SIID/LOG/CC/01 Courier Services Package delivery and freight services
SIID/OFF/ELE/04 Electricity Services Providers of electricity and electrical services
SIID/LOG/EV/04 Event Planning Location scouting, managing vendors relationships and client communications, creating, and negotiating contracts and managing budgets and event details
SIID/FIX/FF/01 Furniture Supplies Supply and installation of office furniture in the likes of office desks, conference tables, office chairs, executive chairs, conference chairs, file storage units
SIID/PRO/FA/02  Financial Services Accounting and auditing, operational bookkeeping and payroll, tax filing and planning
SIID/OFF/FUEL/01 Fuel Services Supply of Fuel and Lubricants
SIID/FIX/GE/04  Generator Services Generator procurement, installation, servicing and repairs
SIID/HOT/HOT/01  Hotel and Accomodation Accommodation, food services, meeting halls, laundry
SIID/PRO/HR/03  HR Services Talent management, data analysis and overall human capital management
SIID/PRO/IS/05 Insurance Services Car insurance, house insurance, life insurance, liability insurance etc
SIID/OFF/COM/03 Internet and Telecommunications Internet, network providers, and other telecommunication supplies and maintenance
SIID/PRO/LE/01  Legal Services Consultation for legal advice, mediation in dispute, arbitration, preparation, and review of legal documents 
SIID/LOG/PV/03 Photography/Videography Event coverage, video production, etc.
SIID/PRO/SC/04 Security Services Alarm installation and monitoring security risk analysis and advice, securing office premises, people, and assets, on field escorts, etc.
SIID/STA/STA/02 Stationery Supplies Supply of general stationery items such as pens, paper, crayon, paint, envelops, bags, folders, file, folder-case, tapes, etc.
SIID/LOG/TA/05  Travel Agency Services Booking and organising of airlines tickets, car rentals, cruise lines, hotels, railways, travel insurance, package tours, guidebooks, etc.
SIID/FIX/MV/03 Motor Vehicle Services Motor vehicles and spares (all types of vehicles)
SIID/OFF/WATL/02 Water Services Supply, installation and maintenance of water, water coolers/dispensers, dispenser water or bottled water


Important Tips

Selection of Product/services: Note that, you are required to select only five categories of products and services. You have the flexibility to choose which product or service category you would like to provide to Sydani. Therefore, you are encouraged to prioritize your selection to those categories where your core expertise lies.

Invitations to tendering exercises: Submitting a completed application form does not mean that you will be automatically included in the database. Your selection will depend on the result of our evaluation.

How to Apply

If you meet these eligibility criteria above and have identified the product or service categories you would like to render, please click on the link below to apply.

Once you have completed the form, upload the following documents in Adobe Acrobat, pdf file format:

  1. Certificate of incorporation
  2. Proposal (including list of product/services offered)
  3. Licence to practice (Professional services & Car hire only)
  4. Price list/schedule
  5. Operational policies or procedures (Refund, Warranty, Credit period)

Successful vendors will be notified of the completion of their registration by e-mail.

If you require any assistance or have any questions, please forward your inquiry to

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